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About Us

Established in 1990, Stratum Integrated is a one-stop design production house specializing in advertising display. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in Singapore.

We provide a comprehensive advertising package, starting from the initial brief of your campaign -> design -> production -> installation. All our team members are experienced and well-trained in the FMCG Retail Advertising industry catering to the individual consumers’ need.

Our core value is to offer distinguished and high quality products. Stratum will be able to reach out to our clients with the fastest Turnover and at the most Competitive Rate.

By entrusting your campaign to Stratum, you can be assured that quality works are delivered timely as we CONCEPTUALISE, DESIGN, FABRICATE, SUPPLY AND INSTALL!



To be an industry leader in the pursuit of QUALITY and SERVICE excellence.


To ANALYZE and ANTICIPATE clients’ work meticulously.


To uphold INTEGRITY and TRUST in the work we produce


Project Management:

Our staff are experienced, well-trained, diligent and committed to every project being assigned to them.


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Creative Designers

Our designers are well-versed and knowledgeable in 2D graphics / 3D structure in the retail advertising area. Therefore, they have an eye for details.



It is our area of expertise to advise clients on the kinds of materials available for a particular project.

Since production is done in-house, we will have better control over production lead time.


We are fast paced and our installers are familiar with all corners of Singapore. They are fully aware of the standard guidelines provided by the retailers.    

Turnaround Time

With a strong team of more than 40 staff, our turnaround time is manageable and achievable with reasonable timeframe given. You can be assured of good quality works delivered timely.

Cost Efficiency

All clients are looking for Low Investment and High Returns.

Our rate is the most competitive as we are a One-Stop Advertising company with design, production and installation all done in-house. As such, you do not have to worry about paying additional intermediary fees.

Most importantly, you will have more time for strategic planning and bringing your company sales to a greater height.

Response Time

We aim to complete rectification works within 24 hours.




Retail Communications

This division focuses on retail communication needs. We stress the importance of creating prominent retail visibility in the Point-of-Sales-Materials for in-store and out-of-store, Fast Moving Consumer Goods in the supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and more on.

Our aim is to Improve your Retail Visibility Display, further Enhance and Differentiate your Products from your Competitors and to Increase your Sales at the shortest period of time.


Types of Promotion

  • Brand Campaign
  • Purchase with Purchase
  • Lucky Draw
  • Gift with Purchase
  • New Product Launch
  • New Packaging Launch
  • New Product Sampling
  • Events / Roadshow


Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion and find out how we can value-add to your campaign

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