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Point of Sale Advertising

Point of sale advertising, commonly known as point of purchase marketing, attracts retail shoppers at the point of a purchase. In other words, point of sale (POS) marketing lures shoppers into buying additional products or services at checkout. Point of sale marketing utilizes display to catch a shopper's attention; displays can range from signs and banners. Regardless of the type of display, POS marketing often results in impulsive purchases.

Festive Pallet 11

Pallet Display

Festive Full Dress GE 4

Gondola End

Sampling Booth 2

Sampling Booth

IMG 6800


Triple Dry Wobbler

Wobbler / Hangsell


Shelf Talker / Top Shelf


Chiller Decal

IMG 9599


G5 NEX 145

Cashier / Counter Top

IMG 9835

Promotion Board

Product Showcase 3

Product Showcase

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